Our Story


The Muffin Project creates decadent sweet treats for everyone to enjoy without feeling guilty about it. 

We set out to create delicacies that taste like a sin, but are actually filled with goodness. Our ultimate goal was to create a better version of all the beautiful muffins we like so much, a version that is not only low in sugar and gluten free, but also low in carbs and high in proteins and fibre at the same time.




Back in 2014, cognitive neuroscientist Noemi, founder of the Muffin Project set out to create delicious, decadent, sweet and nutritious cheat treats.

Back then, she started a low carb diet to loose some weight. Having tried several diets and always struggled with being hungry and the Jojo-effect (gaining more weight after finishing the diet), she was amazed by how great she felt while integrating less carbs and more protein and good fats into her diet. As a very appreciated side effect she not only lost weight but her irritable bowel symptoms drastically decreased.

While eating less carbohydrates and more good good fats and protein is manageable when it comes to everyday food but is very hard when it comes to reward yourself once in a while with something sweet.



After failing in finding any natural sweets with a very low amount of carbs and no sugar she decided to get into the kitchen and create them herself. While trail and error baking, the products turned out to be not only ultra low in carbs and without sugar but also high in protein and fiber, and also completely gluten free!

With the help of her nutritionist sister, her joy in helping people and her passion for research and science that made her study the human brain, she gained a lot of information about nutrition. As well as the incredible connections between mind,  well being and body and the big role nutrition plays in this.

In 2016 she met entrepreneur Brad, who likes a healthy and active lifestyle as well as good food and treating himself with something sweet occasionally. He then encouraged her to make these delicious treats not only for herself and family but everyone who wants to feel good in their bodies!



The sweet taste of sin - without its bitter aftertaste. Our Muffins are your perfect sweet treat, whenever you crave something sweet and don't want to feel guilty about it. After years of trial and error baking and investigation, we created a sweet treat full of goodness. These innocent cheat treats are pure fuel for your body! They are naturally gluten free, ultra- low carb and high in protein and fiber. No sugar has been added. Sweetened with berries and natural sweetener.


When it comes to our Muffins, our philosophy is pretty simple - NO COMPROMISE.

We love good food, we love sweets but we also love our bodies and an active lifestyle! We want to indulge in a sweet treat once in a while without compromising our health or fitness - instead we want to give our body the fuel it needs to be healthy and active.

We believe in the Body and Mind Connection and that you can actively enhance your well being by choosing the right nutrition. But we also believe that healthy food does not have to taste like cardboard. And everyone should be able to eat a beautiful decadent treat once in a while. The health conscious people, athletes, people who want to loose some weight or just live a active lifestyle, as well as those with intolerance, allergies or diabetes.



  • DO YOU want to eat healthy but not miss out on an occasional sweet treat?

  • DO YOU eat a ketogenic or low carb diet?

  • DO YOU want to eat less carbs?

  • DO YOU want to stay in ketosis but also like sweets?

  • DO YOU wave a gluten intolerance or gluten-sensitivity?

  • DO YOU want to eat less sugar?

  • DO YOU want to feel fit and full of energy?

  • DO YOU want to try something new?

If you can say YES to at least one of these questions, then you should join the Project-Family and try a decadent sweet Project-Muffin and just feel great in your body!

Tiarna Sue | Loving the Keto Low Carb High Protein Australian Made Muffins